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Naughty At Home
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Monday, May 9th, 2005
9:44 am
just a little rambling
Well howdy! hows it hangin? lol. Hope you are having a great weekend so far. I thought I would mention that I am shaving my pussy again, lol. I had so many requests to keep it shaved that I am going blad once again. =) It is funny, I never realized how much men love a shaved pussy. I also had a comment about doing some gaper shots, I have to say.....I cannot really do the anal gaper shots, my ass is tight as a drum....and although I love a long hard thick cock in my ass.....even after a long fucking...my ass remains tight- no gapers in sight. lol. I can practice on it though. I will use some of my larger cock toys and see what I can pull off. I can also work on some pussy gaper shots =) All in the name of good sex, I will do pretty much anything..... We went out with some new friends of ours. They have a boat and they took us out to a secluded beach this weekend. She is a real cutie, of course these are private people who do not want to be posted on the internet, so bummer on that one, can't share her cute little body with ya. She has her nipples pierced and an ass just like mine, a little bubble butt, very nice. We ended up taking our tops off on the beach and strolling around looking for shells and sand dollars. I found some amazing shells, so beautiful. There was some guy who kept getting closer and closer for a little peak, I was excited by it. I wanted him to walk right up and cop a feel hehe......I am recruiting my best friend as a camera person at the end of this month. It will make it a lot easier on us as far as sex shots and movies. Sometimes the tripod just can't get the right angle, especially for pictures. I am totally excited about it. I asked my friend if her husband would mind, I mean it is kind of risque....you know what she said? it was hilarious. She goes, "My husband doesn't care where I get my appetite as long as I come home hungry." lol. That is one of the best lines I have heard. I have known her for years and years, and yes we have played around sexually. Some of my first girl girl experiences with her. Oddly enough, her name is Amber (like the other Amber on my site).....we used to masturbate in the same bed and bring home guys to share. It is pretty wild to think back about how open we were with eachother growing up. I am a little nervous to talk dirty in front of her, although the nervousness will probably wear off in half a second. I am not too shy about being sexual in front of people when It comes down to it. Eric has been fishing like a mad man, I swear the guy is addicted to it. It is alrright though, I like that he has a hobbie he is so passionate about. As long as he comes home and whips out his cock for me......It's all goooood. My sex drive lately has been insatiable....I am horny ALL the time. I think it is because we are looking for a couple where I can have two cocks at once. The hunt is on, and it is a fun hunt.....you never know what you are going to get. In the beginning of our swinger experiences I wasn't sure how I would react to watching my husband get blown or fuck another woman. Now I crave it. I absolutely love it and I think about it all the time while we are fucking. Most of the time the fantasy involves a girl in a school girl outfit bending over for him in a closet, I am secretly peaking on him cheating on me....isn't that twisted? lol.....it gets better. Her pussy is so tight that he tells her it is time for her daily stretching, to bend over and grab her ankles.....I can see her face as he slides his cock into her wet tight pussy.....all this while I am fingering myself to an amazing orgasm. I am looking forward to our next swinging experience. Not sure if I will get it on cam, depends on the couple,....but that would be a bonus =) I am not really hanging out too much with Amber anymore, she is doing very well and a total sweetie....however, her schedule keeps her really busy and we don't get much time together anymore. Jay her hubby is a funny guy, we always had a good time with them....anyways, on to the new =) I love meeting new couples, regardless if anything sexual happens. I am sure I would prefer that they want to fuck our brains out, that is for sure, but just having open minded friends that don't care that we do a porn website is a nice and refreshing thing. Sometimes I get so caught up in cyber space that I forget to live an ordinary life..... Today when I was at the mall, I caught a few glances from different men...instead of just thinking, "Oh that is nice to be noticed..." I am thinking, "Does he know who I am." sometimes I think somebody is going to walk up and say, "Hey Desirae I love your website" lol....doesn't really happen too often. Usually at strip clubs or some place like that - maybe at a club when I am all dressed up sexy. When I go out I usually wear jeans and a tank top or tight t-shirt......usually not something that makes my ass hang out for this reason. I actually liked it when a few guys recognized me, it was really flattering. The new couple we met actually recognized us from the site- and sent us an email....it was like, "wow that is pretty cool". Anyways, I think I am going to sign off for tonight. Talk with you soon, take care ~Desirae
Wednesday, October 13th, 2004
12:10 pm
feeling a bit better
Hey there....I have been stuck in the house for a while...my tooth is hurting. It has almost been a week and I think it is finally healing. We are going out on Halloween weekend to this fantasy nudist place in Miami...fun, huh? I wonder if I am allowed to take a camera?? My sweet girlfriend Vanessa and I are going as a kitty and a bunny- they are sorta like matching little bikini outfits with a little bit of fur and fluff in the right spots. I have been working out like crazy, I was getting a big booty on me....and I am back on track now. My next pic sets are going to be fetish and sex with close-ups - Now it is time to mix it up, I love to mix it up. I got some costumes in the mail today- one of them is this like lion tamer costume or ring leader vinyl costume dominatrix style. I got so hot when I saw it in the box that I ran around the house like a freak trying to put it on as fast as I could. It is hot- can't wait to tame my husband & whip his ass. =)

I am totally excited for Halloween weekend! yay! yippee ! woohoo!!

I am going to totally have a blast! I just hope I can take some snap shots for ya! that will be so damn fun.

Thursday, October 7th, 2004
12:10 pm
Hi there,

well I got my wisdom teeth out today- I am in pain, my cheeks are puffy a bit. I hope you enjoyed my latest movie update...we made it longer than usual and tried a bigger size. Looks like there was a bit of trouble with the full version because it was so large, so we re did it and will post the revised version in the am....we got a few emails that they couldn't access the full version...

well I am going to go grab some ice and put it on my face again- the pain medicine isn't really working all that well for some reason, bummer. I am totally happy I got them out now I can straighten my teeth...and finally be done with it.. I have been wanting to do it for a long time. I hope you are having a great week, and hope you have a wonderful weekend.... I am sooo glad that I will be able to eat again tomorrow. I am on a diet right now- We really got into our soul food over the past three weeks. We go on tangents like that where we don't have rules and just act like kids, lol. I am lucky that I can burn it off very quickly, but I am going to try to return to my vegetarian healthy diet. I love eating right, but I also LOVE my treats...it is hard to give up.

I looked a little curvier in my latest movie, lol...Baby's got back!! that's all I have to say, lol. Anyways, I have been running it off and will be back to normal in a week. I ordered some sexy lingerie for some more picture sets, can't wait to show you.

Have a good night.

xxx Desi
Tuesday, October 5th, 2004
12:10 pm
fucking my neighbor
Hey there, I just added a new movie....I repay my neighbor Mike for fixing my sink with a little afternoon delight. We fuck in many different ways and he ends up blowing his load on my face while I beg for his cum. I think you are going to really enjoy this movie.

Let's see, what's new? Well, I am getting my wisdom teeth, the ones on the bottom taken out on Thurs....the only part about it that I am looking forward to is taking the pain pills and sitting in bed while my cute hubby brings me soup or something. =) sounds silly, but it is quite fun to be waited on- even though I am going to look like a silly chipmunk. I am getting braces soon as well...not sure what type....not sure if I can take that metal type- we'll see.

I am headed to San Antonio to visit some family really soon, I am looking forward to it. I haven't seen them in quite a while....funny thing is they know what we do and could care less. I watched the debate between Bush and Kerry the other night, I kept waiting for Kerry to say something about being deceived about weapons of mass destruction as a reason for agreeing to the war in the first place and then changing his mind. It seemed like a simple reason, but he didn't say it. He didn't quite explain his contradicting decisions. I am not sure who will win, it would seem like Bush would win due to all of the war controversy, but I guess you never know. I just hope that we don't keep causing wars all over the place. I was watching George Carlin last night and he was making fun of the US- saying how we like to bomb brown people....and that the only other white people were the Germans and the reason we bombed them is because they were trying to take our position as bully of the world. You know that comedy skit was from 1991 and it still seemed current due to the Bush legacy.

I hate talking about politics, I just wish there wasn't so much loss of life....I don't believe everything I hear on the news, and I believe even less of what I see....I don't think I will ever REALLY know all of the stuff that is going on behind the war. I just hope we come out ahead and our troops come home. I love watching those news stories when the ships come in and all the sexy ladies are waiting for their men...it always makes me cry. Especially when there is like a newborn baby and the dad is seeing the child for the first time. You just know they are going to have some good fuckin when they get home lol. Oh boy I bet that reuniting type sex is so damn hot.

I had a bf in the navy a long time ago- I greeted him once after a trip to the gulf....and it was very good...would've been better if I didn't notice that he had a girlfriend...he left a letter in the glove compartment right next to mine, lol...what a jerk. lol...boys will be boys I guess.

I don't have too much to talk about right now, I am getting sorta tired and may just go to bed. It is early, but I ran for 2 miles today and feel wiped out. Anyways, hope you enjoy my latest movie addition, ps...do not go see Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow- it blows huge chunks. very dumb. Also, that movie Collateral with Tom Cruise is a big stinker as well...Tom was pretty good but the wayans guy sucked..not believable in the least.

I haven't seen any really good movies, other than porn movies. I have been on an interracial movie watching extravaganza lately. I turn it on and tell Eric to pull down his pants, then I lube him up and finger myself while jerking him off as we watch....we get worked up, I cum a few times then it is time for him to just nail me good. Watching porn is so damn hot!! I love it.

Anyways, signing out for now, have a good night.
Saturday, October 2nd, 2004
12:17 pm
gone fishing
well...three days later, I am back after being dragged out onto a fishing boat for DAYS! yes, days of fishing, it is ok though I got some sun. I just couldn't believe I agree to go for it. I am a bit burnt and VERY sleepy...it is pretty late. We left out of the blue so I didn't get to post my last updates, on top of that I had one too many wine coolers, they had those for the ladies on board. I usually don't drink, but I got bored and ended up have a rip roaring good time just talking the time away. I didn't catch any fish, but Eric did so I am happy for him. Usually I don't go out fishing with him, but since this was like a three day ordeal I didn't want to miss him being home all alone. So, tomorrow I will nurse my little hang over and put on some aloe vera for my ass burn. lol. My butt is red like a cherry, I am going to have run on the treadmill for three hours to burn off the booze...lol.

Anyways, I wanted to check in and leave a little note that I didn't drop off the face of the earth, I just got sucked into a long fishing excursion...and now thank goodness I am home. I am going to sleep in tomorrow morning...and then get up and take a long hot shower, oh yes!! that is going to feel oh so good... =) Hope you are having a great weekend.

xxx Desi
Monday, September 27th, 2004
12:17 pm
movie updates
hi there,

I am loading three new picture sets tonight,will link them up in the a.m. I am also getting another movie ready tomorrow from my archive box and filming a new one.

I am going to lunch with my friend, the girlfriend that I messed around a bit with a while back. We are just going to have lunch, lol...no tuna tacos for tomorrow, just conversation. Afterwards I am planning on doing a role play movie. I have it all planned out, we'll see how it goes. Sometimes I feel a little silly role playing, trying to act....lol...I can't keep a straight face sometimes.

Not too much to report here, I hope we go out this weekend.
sweet dreams
Thursday, September 23rd, 2004
12:18 pm
got behind
got behind today-have updates ready to post =)
I got really behind today....and didn't get to adding my latest updates. I took a whole bunch of sexy pictures yesterday, so I have I think 8 new really HOT ones to add, as well as a movie. A friend ended up coming over unexpectedly....anyways, I couldn't just start working on the site in front of her...so It put me behind. Her dog got a bit snippy with me and sorta bit me....this all happenned earlier today, I ended up going to the dr. to make sure the dog didn't like give me an infection or anything. It is really important to get any type of bite checked out, including spiders, people, anything. anyways, I have some antibiotics to take...lol. I was just being stupid and put my hand out there....I just didn't expect to get bitten by such a small dog.

anyways, I will update tomorrow and I think you will enjoy the vid. I do all sorts of stuff in it, masturbate, use a huge black cock stuck to the bedpost, and get fucked and have cum sprayed on me. =) I bought a flogger, I think I already told you that. It is leather with a red fur handle...i can't wait to be spanked with it.

My next movie will involve a plumber, a flogger, and a horny horny housewife ready to cheat on her hubby. =) sound good? anyways, I should get some sleep...I feel really tired.

Watch for those updates tomorrow, i will probably add 3 picture sets, and one movie. While they load we are going to head out and film our next personal movie update. talk to ya
Monday, September 20th, 2004
12:19 pm
went lingerie shopping
monday went lingerie shopping.....
I went shopping for some new stockings, nylons, & lingerie today. I also bought a leather flogger....Eric is going to give me a flogging in our next movie. It should be very interesting and fun....I am excited to feel it spanking my ass =)

I got so many sexy outfits today that I lost count....I am going to be taking some sexy photos this week....probably a TON of them. That is the plan...and I am very eager to do them. Sometimes I am just totally excited to show my stuff in photos....I am not sure when we are going to make our movie...possibly tomorrow.

I shaved my bush, well not totally, but it is shaved into a little strip...a very thin one just on my lips. I used this foam stuff, it is hair remover...I looked so silly standing there with my bush covered in foam, Eric was laughing at me. I just hate when the razor leaves bumps, it sometimes does that. I am tempted to go in and get a bikini wax from a professional, but I am not sure of what it is like. I may feel weird with a strange lady pouring hot wax on my pussy....what if I don't like her? what if she likes me...and gets fresh, lol. j/k. If I get it done I will tell you all about it. I have seen it done on Sex and The City, but I don't have any friends that get their bikini waxed. In fact my best friend just lets her bush run wild..lol

The girl I was with a while back, that cute couple I told you about- she has just that little strip there. I sorta copied her look, they go to nudist camps a lot...they want us to go with them sometime. Eric is against it, he just doesn't know how comfortable he would be with his willy in the wind-especially if a cold wind goes by...haha...I don't know how I feel about it. I wouldn't mind going, maybe I can talk Eric into it sometime. I think it would be fun to swim around naked, eat lunch naked, go to a party naked, lol....we'll see.

I am so glad that hurricane season is coming to an end....I am so sick of it...it is so unpredictable and stressful. I have been feeling really good lately, life is good. Eric got stuck out on his boat the other day...he went out fishing early sunday morning and didn't come back until late that night. It started raining around like 4 o'clock, I had this terrible feeling something wasn't right. Sure enough he had gone out onto the flats at the WRONG time and got stuck out there for like 4 hours, lol. He was trying to stay cool, it was like 90 deg. with no breeze, and he wonders why I don't want to go, lol...I get so antsy out there after like one hour. He also forgot his water and his cell was dead. What a bummer...he survived on this old diet coke we had bought the day before. He was red as a lobster...lol

Oh this is funny. Last night I got super horny, like extra extra HOT and I decided to just run into the bedroom and jump his bones. He was caught off guard...I mean I ran in there in the dark, pulled down the covers and just ripped at his boxers....he said, "uh...I am not clean" he thought I was going to suck him off I guess. I was like, "I don't care if you are dirty, I am going to fuck your brains out..so get ready!" he was very cooperative, and I rode his cock and talked to him about inviting my ex boyfriend over to fuck me in front of him. I told him how much I craved that HUGE cock, how much bigger it was than his,....and how hot it would be for him to watch me take that big cock, to watch it stretching my pussy as I scream another mans name. He loved it~ I had three orgasms...and he finished off by fucking me while I was on my back...shooting his load all over my pussy...yum.

Very nice, very nice =) sex is always so damn good. I haven't really had "bad sex" not sure what that is really....sex is always pleasurable.

I am going to get to sleep now, it is getting late. I will write again soon. xxx Desirae
Tuesday, April 20th, 2004
9:10 pm
my bi sexual experience
When I was 18 years old I had a very hot bisexual experiene which led up into a two year relationship. It really got started before that, but I will start at age 18 since that was really the turning point of this experience. It was very intense and confusing at first, but looking back on it, the innocence and curiousity that we both had was very exciting.

I was practically living over at Amber's house. I was always there hanging out, and we almost always spent the night at eachother's house on a regular basis. We would talk about anything and everything, drinking tea....debating on life's issues. However, the conversation almost always led up to relationships with men & whether or not a relationship between two women is ultimately better since women understand women so well. We had both pretty much blocked out the times in our past when we had played around with each other. We just pretended that it never happenned. Even though both of us remembered very clearly how we had acted our lust for each other many times in the past.

We both felt very close to each other, like we were in love almost. Our emotions ran strong & so did our arguments. We would fight like cats and dogs over some of the most trivial things, especially around our menstruation times. It was hell, but our bond was very very strong. I started noticing that every time I would get up from the couch to go get something in the kitchen, Amber's eyes would be staring at my lower half, my ass in other words. She did this routinely for weeks! Then I finally said something, "Why do you always look at my lower half when I am walking around the house?" She said, "What!? I do not!!" very sternly. I knew she was but I left it alone.

Amber is a very beautiful girl, at that time she had long red curly thick hair, big blue eyes, and a perfect ass with probably a small b breast size. She has a tiny waiste line & she has a lot of poise due to all of her ballet classes. I thought she was very beautiful, and she was always telling me that if she were a guy that she would fuck me first thing! lol. We were always taking candid photos of each other, dressed in little to nothing. One day I asked her to dress up in a bra and panties, that I wanted to take her picture. She did her make-up and hair, and I began shooting pictures of her as she gave me her sexiest poses and glances. She still has those pictures someplace- I would love to see them again. :)

She also took pictures of me in my bra and panties, I still have the polaroids someplace in a box in my closet. I should fish it out and share it with you sometime. I was just waking up & all I had on was a somewhat lacey black bra and black panties. Another time I was in the taking a bubble bath when I heard the door opening, there was Amber with the polaroid camera ready to snap away. At the time we were both in denial about our lust for each other. We didn't discuss it, yet here we were taking naughty photos of each other at any chance we got. Whenever the other would even mention going out on a date with a guy, emotions would run strong and a fight would ensue. We were very confused about our feelings for each other for probably six months.

Finally one day as we were lying in bed we started talking about masturbation, and what made us have an orgasm the fastest. Amber had this vibrator at the time, well it was more like a massager for your body, lol yeah right! Anyway's, she told me that the vibrator really made her cum the hardest. I said, "Do you think you could cum in front of me?" She looked at me with an eager but pleasantly surprised look on her face and answered, "I think so, I am not sure....maybe we should try it." I said, "Ok, and I won't think you are weird or anything I promise, this is just an experiment." She agreed. So we both got under the covers of her bed...and she proceeded to take the vibrator and slide it down between her legs while I relaxed next to her and listened.

It was the middle of the afternoon, the sun was peeking through the curtains...and as I looked over at her beautiful face I saw her close her eyes....she was really enjoying this I could tell. The vibrator was pretty quiet....and I could feel her knee bumping against mine under the covers as she sort of jerked around a bit while using it. Then I heard her take in a big breath of air, and her body when still....and then convulsed about five times...her knee then beginning to shake again. It felt so naughty to me to be lying next to her while she came. Her panties were down around her ankles....the vibrator up against her bare pussy....it was making me wet...and eager for my turn.

She said, " Well, I guess that answers that question....I can have an orgasm in front of you....now it is your turn." She handed me the used toy...and I pulled my panties down around my ankles, and spread my legs open a bit allowing my knees to just fall to the side. The vibration of the toy was strong....but my mind couldn't relax....I didn't think I was going to be able to have an orgasm with her just looking at me like that. Then out of the blue she said, "I am going to touch your breast, I am going to do it ...." I was shocked, but aroused and feeling very guilty almost....a dirty kind of lust...a private kind.

She reached over and slid her hand underneath my shirt, sliding her soft fingers over my erect nipples, down towards my belly button and then back up again. I felt my body relaxing....I felt close to an orgasm...before I did I felt myself wanting to kiss her...to really embrace her and feel her body against mine. I slowly leaned in, and she almost as though she knew what I was thinking did the same. Our soft lips hit - blending together like the softest peach against one another. Her lips were soft and full....so very soft. I slid my hand around the back of her neck and slowly began kissing downward, I wanted to kiss her ears, her neck ....all of her.

I kissed her like I would a man....firmly gliding my tongue down the nape of her neck, then back up...breathing heavy into her ear...then kissing her sweet lips again. It seemed like time was standing still....like this moment...the moment our lips touched stopped time. All I could feel was her skin against mine, my mind could think of nothing else. As we kissed I began to cum.....her finger still sliding all over my nipples and breasts....her sweet hot breath against mine, it was so hot.

As I came I really felt myself wanting to please her. So I decided to just go under the covers and kiss her sweet pussy. I went down under the covers, she knew what I was up to....and just laid her head back on the pillow and shut her eyes....I knew she wasn't resistant to anything I was going to do to her. It was incredible, I couldn't wait to taste her...Having her relax this way with me was so innocent and yet so naughty all at once.

I was underneath the covers, my face about 3 inches from her pussy. I took my fingers and gently spread her lips apart exposing her tiny clit. I took a deep breath and blew on her clit, feeling her body quiver a bit...then I gently slipped my wet tongue over the top of her now hard clit....just kissing it slowly...softly- my tongue was really hot. I worked my tongue very softly for a long time, then as I felt her pressing towards my mouth, I began to really suck and apply pressure to her clit. She started to really move around a lot.....grabbing the back of my head and pressing my face deep into her now dripping wet pussy...she tasted so good! I knew she was about to cum so I began to hum...making moaning sounds as I applied pressure and really licked her hard. This lasted for about 3 minutes, very intense licking....until I felt her body tense up. I slid my hands under her ass and gave her a long very deep sucking....and felt her cumming...her tummy tightening.

After this we were together for quite a while. As you can see I am married now, we both found that although we enjoy women....we prefer a man as a full time partner. :) I guess we were both kind of nymphs for the cock :) but that girl on girl experience was the best so far of my life....and I will never forget it.

xxx Desirae
Saturday, April 17th, 2004
8:44 pm
haven't seen Brandy in two days now
You know how much I love to get dressed in stockings & lingerie for Eric. Well, during this hot role-play movie I got really carried away and scripted it all out....ending up with a huge load of cum all over my titties....:)

I am not a very good actress, lol...but I think the more I practice I will be a pro in no time at all. I love to get naughty :) hence the name of my website naughty at home!! Although I have gotten naughty away from home a few times!. lol. I don't have much to report, I haven't seen Brandy in two days now. I have to arrive at precisely the right time or else I miss her. The other day I went intentionally early so I could avoid her....I was nervous for some weird reason. Now I know how guys must feel...approaching a woman is nerve wracking, even though I am pretty sure she is trying to ask me out. I love bi sexual girls! or shoudl I say women! Especially when they are in happy relationships so that there is no conflict or jealousy issues. Jealousy makes swinging pretty lame! I thought I would be jealous with Eric but I am not in the least....it just makes me excited to see him in action.lol ANyways, I am going to cut this entry short, I will write more tomorrow....xx Desirae
Thursday, April 15th, 2004
4:05 pm
re doing my office :) New Sexy Girl I am Excited to Know Better!
Hi there,

I spent the day out shopping with Eric. We went to the hardware store and are now redoing the office floors. I think it is going to look really neat. I am wondering if you saw the new movie that Angiexxx sent to me? It is about 20 minutes long, it is a blow job & fucking movie. We thought it was really cute. I also really enjoyed the movie from HotWifeRio.com. :) she is a real hottie! Let's see! OMG somethign really great happenned yesterday that got me very excited. There is this woman that I am always bumping into at the store. She is absolutely beautiful! She is my height, longer blonde hair, blue eyes, & she has a sort of french accent. Anyways, Eric thinks she likes me or rather that her husband likes me... Everytime we see eachother my heart races, it is so weird. Yesterday I saw her as I was walking out, and she stopped to say, "Hey, do you work out at the 24/7 gym?" I said, "Yeah...I do" She then smiled and just stood there her jaw quiverred just a bit....we stood there in an awkward silence for a minute & then I just stuck out my hand and said, "Hi, I am Desirae..." with a smile. She smiled very big and put out her hand and said, "Brandy" :) we both smiled nervously and then as she walked off..she said, if I see you at the gym I want to talk to you.
This sort of interraction has been going on for 6 months now. We both act nervous and stupid around eachother, but I am very attracted to her! Eric has been with me when we have bumped into eachother and he is convinced that there is somthing about to happen between us. He thinks I need to make the first move and give her my number. Let me just tell ya, if I had this girl in pics or movies with me, you would love it. We have the same build~ except her boobs are bigger than mine...she has longer hair, and blue eyes. She is gorgeous & I am hoping she is sending me the signals I think she is sending....oh boy what a delicious thought it is. Eric would love to share me and be shared this way, :) We'll see...I will keep you posted. Today I am trying to time it right so that I show up at the same time at the store as she does....then I will just give her my number, lol. Cross your fingers for me. xxx Desirae
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